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Who is Dannelle Mann?


Dannelle Sherhon Mann, is a survivor whose ultimate life’s goal is to help others live their best life. She is a mother of five children, and grandmother of two. And though she wears many titles the one she cherishes the most is Mother. She is affectionately known by her friends as Tru or Tru Wisdom. From ministering in the church or community to reciting her original poetry, Dannelle tells the absolute truth. Speaking it with love, much wisdom, an encouraging smile, and sealing it with a warm hug.

A graduate of Sojourner-Douglass College with Honors (June 2015) she received her Bachelors in Health Care Administration. As a domestic violence and substance abuse survivor, Dannelle’s passions are community outreach, justice reform, and being a living encouragement to those who struggle with abuse or addiction. She currently works as an Assistant Manager of Family Property, through Habitat America. In addition to her full-time job, Dannelle serves as an Elder in worship service, a liturgical dancer, poet, community activist, and an advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. She is many things to many people, but most importantly she is a WOMAN OF GOD!

Since 2004, Dannelle has been working diligently for the Kingdom of God. Through ministering, dancing, and teaching, Dannelle shows she is truly a woman seeking after God’s heart. At the early age of thirteen Dannelle found her love for poetry and used it as a way to cope with reality. Frederick Douglass was quoted as saying, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Dannelle’s favorite quote and words she relates to.

Dannelle is debuted her first publication and officially added the title Author to her list of accomplishments. 


In the Press

"Dannelle , I really enjoyed your performance last night, you are truly gifted."

"Thank you so much for the poem you wrote for me Dee, I could feel the love in every line, I am still in tears right now as I keep re-reading it."

"Everyone really enjoyed your performance Dannelle, you are still the topic of conversation this morning, thank you so much for coming."

Dr. Mary Furlow

Salisbury, Maryland


Joyce Wilson


Salisbury, Maryland

Katrena Bailey


Preston, Maryland

In The Press

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Roc the mic poetry night

Feel free to join me as I host our second "Roc the mic" poetry night @302 South Blvd. Salisbury Maryland, for more info contact Dannelle mann @ 443-358-5274

News and Events


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